Root Cutting

Tree roots ingress into underground pipe-work in a search for water, as the roots grow into the drainage system the host pipe can become cracked and in extreme cases collapse, the problematic roots can usually be removed with High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment or cutting tools.

In order to restore free flow to the sewer, where damage has occurred we can install a new one-piece drain liner which will also rectify any structural defects and prevent re-growth. Root cutting and removal from within the pipe can save a lot of mess, digging and time.

Fast, Efficient & Affordable

When it comes to root cutting, we use the latest equipment to investigate your drain systems.
Using no-dig technology, we use high-pressure water-powered cutting equipment to deal with those pesky tree roots that can cause major problems to your drains. We will cut away any tree or plant materials that could be causing damage but your drainage system will not be damaged during the process.

If you have drains near tree roots, then you need to look out for drainage problems.

Drainage systems that are located near to large trees and shrubs can often be in danger of roots growing around them, which can cause major damage and problems to your drains. 

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At Drain Clear we provide drainage support, drainage clearance, jet wash services, root cutting, drain tracing, electro machining, CCTV surveys and a 24 hour emergency service. Our award winning service is fast, clean, efficient and offers guarantees for work carried out. 

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