CCTV Camera Surveys

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CCTV Drain Surveys

Regular inspection of pipelines and manholes is the best method to ensuring a waste water system runs efficiently. In the first instance, our drain inspection team expertly check the integrity of manholes and look for indications of pipeline problems such as slow flowing mains, evidence of structural deterioration or the presence of grease, roots or debris.
If a pipeline shows evidence of structural deterioration, or if the extent of potential problems cannot be determined by a physical inspection, a video inspection may be needed.

Based on the findings of the video inspection a decision is made to clean or repair the pipeline. Once the work is complete, a CCTV drain survey is used again to ensure the pipeline has been returned to working order, and evidence is providing.

Establishing the cause of your drainage problems

CCTV camera survey is a cost effective way to get to the bottom of any problems that might be occurring in your drains. If your drain is not draining as it should be, we can provide a detailed report showing any problems. A CCTV survey will start with one of our technicians placing a small camera through your pipes. Once this is complete we will show you the recording along with a selection of “problem point” images, you’ll also receive a report detailing any problems. For more information please call us on 0800 358 5988.

We find it, then we fix it.

Persistent problems can be a real headache. But you can get peace of mind and see the problem with a CCTV drain survey. We’ve found all sorts over the last 35 years – tree roots, collapsed pipes and even children’s toys.

CCTV Camera Surveys

• Non-invasive procedure and no need for any excavation

• Suitable for homebuyers’ checks

• Suitable before and after a drain cleaning

• Can help to diagnose and rectify any on-going problems your drains might be experiencing

CCTV camera surveys:If you feel your drains need investigating to find the root of the problem.

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